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"Slimline" Poly Rainwater Tanks

1000 slim  E1000SL

1,000 litre Slimline

400mm (W)
2000mm (L)
1750mm (H)

2000 slim E2000SL

2,000 litre Slimline

620mm width
2480mm length
1760mm height

2000 low slim E2000SL-LOW

2,000 litre Slimline

760mm (W)
2900mm (L)
1250mm (H)

e2000sl tall E2000SL-TALL

2,000 litre Slimline

620mm (W)
2000mm (L)
2170mm (H)

3000 slim E3000SL

3,000 litre Slimline

730mm width
2800mm length
1960mm height

3000 slim tall E3000SL-TALL

3,000 litre Tall Slimline

750mm width
2400mm length
2190mm height

4000 slim E4000SL

4,000 litre Slimline

870mm width
2930mm length
2110mm height

5000 slim E5000SL

5,000 litre Slimline

960mm width
3190mm length
2200mm height

e5000slim low E5000SL-LOW

5,000 litre Slimline

1040mm width
3280mm length
1990mm height

thin1000 Thin 1000

1000 litre

260mm (W)
2400mm (L)
1850mm (H)

thin2000 Thin 2000

2000 litre

490mm (W)
2400mm (L)
1850mm (H)

thin3000  Thin 3000

3000 litre

580mm (W)
2920mm (L)
1970mm (H)

cube500 Cube 500

500 litre

600mm (W)
670mm (L)
1530mm (H)

cube700 Cube 700

700 litre

600mm (W)
670mm (L)
2100mm (H)

cube1050 Cube 1050

1050 litre

750mm (W)
790mm (L)
2100mm (H)

500slim RT500SL

500 litre Slimline

430mm width
1210mm length
1360mm height
1000slim RT1000SL

1,000 litre Slimline

500mm width
1770mm length
1655mm height

All measurements are approximate due to the rotomoulding process.