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Rainwater Accessories

     aquasafe 1aquasafe 5 Davey "Aquasafe"
An environmentally safe, tasteless and odourless formula used for tankwater disinfection,
lasting for up to 2 months
*Destroys virtually all bacteria and viruses and is non-toxic, breaking down into oxygen and water
The key ingredient in Acquasafe is Sanosil, exclusively supplied to Davey for tankwater disinfection
Recommended dosage is 1 litre per 15,000 litres of tank water. Regular monitoring using Acquasafe test strips is essential to ensure your tank water remains safe
Note: Guarantee subject to storage conditions *2 months based on rainwater, not bore/dam water

rain gauge electronic     tank gauge water level gauges

electronic or mechanical 


leafeater     frogmouth downpipe leaf strainers


 diverter kit   adjustable 100mm diverters  diverter large        first-flush water diverters


inlet strainer     tanklid tank inlet strainers & lids


rainaid tank top-up valves
to maintain a minimum water level
and prevent pump run-dry 


floatswitch     level control switches

header-tank level controller     storage tank filling controller

filter pit filter pits 


airjet air-jet system
to reduce odour & tannin
and improve health of water
in large tanks 


    truck watertank 1 truck watertank2     truck watertanks