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"Rain to Mains" pump systems

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Select from the brands above for quality rainwater pumps with mains-water backup.


Davey Rainbank system

rainbank The new Generation RainBank® automatic rainwater harvesting controller allows the priority sourcing of rainwater for toilets and laundry, only using mains water as a backup.

RainBank 2 is ideal for large homes, toilet blocks, and garden irrigation systems.

RainBank® 2 is ideal for:
Rainwater harvesting
Stormwater calming
Dual water source control
RainBank® is designed for auto submersible pumps such as the Davey D42A
RainBank® will provide water for:
up to 10 toilets
a washing machine
4 external taps

RainBank® can allow you to replace up to 40% of your household potable or drinking water usage with rainwater. Because RainBank® is working all year round you can save water even during winter.
Seamless & Convenient
With RainBank® you don’t have to worry about where your water is coming from, RainBank does the thinking for you - automatically. RainBank® automatically decides to source rainwater first or mains water as back up. Unlike most other systems, even in the event of a power failure, RainBank® can still provide water for your toilet.
Environmentally Friendly
RainBank® only operates the pump to pressurise the rainwater when required. There’s no double handling or re-pressurising of the mains water – saving you energy costs.
Easy to Install
RainBank® can be part of a new installation or an upgrade, mounted on a wall or connected directly to the pump. RainBank® is very easy to install, with three simple plumbing connections, power in and out via three pin plug and socket and a low voltage line to the rainwater tank level sensor.
RainBank® is safe to use. When properly installed it complies with the requirements of AS/NZS3500 Plumbing Code. By connecting the unit in compliance with the instructions and the Australian / New Zealand Plumbing Code you are ensuring the integrity of your potable supply. Even the electrical items in the RainBank® are approved and manufactured to ensure your safety.
Designed to allow continued water supply even in the event of a electrical power failure.